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Traverse shadows by manipulating light in this 2.5D puzzle platform game, Larger Than Light.

Escape a haunted school as the sibling duo: Skia the shadow, who can move across other shadows on the wall, and Lux the lightbulb, who can manipulate the size and placement of shadows for his younger sister to platform across. Have them work together to break out of their old middle school while overcoming their bitter sibling rivalry.

Key Features

- Control Lux and Skia simultaneously for a uniquely skillful puzzle-platformer experience

- Fully voiced dialogue for both characters alongside written subtitles and beautiful character portraits

- Adjust audio levels of the soundtrack, voice over, and sound effects to create your own perfect auditory experience

- Adjustable graphics settings to allow for play on a wide range of systems

Official Website: https://1010meha.wixsite.com/largerthanlight

Twitter    ||    Tumblr

Walkthrough (Spoilers!) : 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Female Protagonist, Low-poly, Narrative, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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👍👍👍 Thenks!


Thank you. Game looks challenging and fun.

this game looks cool i wanna try it 

Where is my copy?? 😓😢


Thank you for the giveaway, this looks cool! I love how their names mean “Light” and “Shadow” in Latin and Greek respectively :-D

Thanks again!
here's the video of your game, Sasha plays it using only mouse and his chin:


thank you for the giveaway.

the concept looks very interesting. the character design and art style of the game both look really good and fitting. the story, the humor, the 2 characters personalities and their interactions (from the little we were shown) were also interesting, cute and wholesome, and felt quite natural/genuine so props for that. all in all great job.

my only gripe is that it was rather short, but that is a different kind of issue (and part cuz i wanted to play more :D ) and may very well be due to limitation or a "testing the waters" before deciding if to go for larger.
either way, curious if there are any plans for a longer version or a longer game on this concept.

oh, and out of curiosity, is the brother adopted or is having an "living object" relative common in that world since we see in 1 of the pics a flower and plume persons as staff (nice touch with the pics btw). i know it might be just a design choice due to "just having her older brother hold a lamp/flashlight would be boring" but still curious if there's a "lore" behind it.


Loved the character designs and unique game mechanics.


Please release a linux version.Eagerly waiting for this amaizing game.


Thank you very much. Looks amazing. Cheers from Brazil! :D


Hi there. I noticed your game is on sale and I'm trying to be considerate given the description you wrote. so I wanted to ask two things before I spread this info around on a game sharing discord which probably means it gets released into the wild.

First, do you mind if it gets out? If you don't want the sale being widely known public knowledge I'll keep it to myself.

Second, have you tried coupon codes as described here? https://itch.io/updates/coupon-codes-for-sales-bundles I assume you have from the description of the sale but just in case you missed it.

Either way, it's a nice game. I hope you keep up the good work.


lol yea I'm fine with it getting out, I've tried the download keys but rn this is simpler and faster. I'll probably end the sale once everything on that end is sorting out, but in the meanwhile I'm happy if more people can play our game :)

Thanks for the go ahead, that's very generous. :)

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As far as I know, this quite the original idea in terms of puzzles, and I am a huge fan of it!

The main aspect of the game is the unique interaction between the shadows and light, which is used very creative manner to challenge the player. I imagine that creating the right shadows by using the assets must have been incredibly hard!

The second best thing about the game is the story. I am impressed as to how much effort was put into a story which relies so heavily on puzzles. The story is simple, yet very relatable and well written. 

Then comes the artwork. Although I only know, what is showed in the game about the characters, I really enjoyed how their physical features implies a deeper relationship, as light and shadow is intertwined. And of course the artwork is very well made, and the characters look very cool and interesting!

The graphics were nice and the audio fitting. I did however whish the visuals were a little sharper and the light more glowy/shiny.

All in all a great experience, I enjoyed it very much and will definitely recommend it!


I really liked the game and the visuals were just amazing

how can i just own this gam

A mii of Lux! Keep up the good work! 6PTH2BF


Hi get a discord please i love this lightbulb lad. Also would love to see how you implemented not only calculating the shadow but rendering it and making it a solid platform in the 2d world

Um. also... I see that it's in development; and you did this as some kind of final project (?) at USC. Are you interested in making this a full release? If so; I can put you in touch with a publisher I know.

PS I drew fanart. I love these two.



Thanks for the game but I cant "claim" the game to my account, could you add a botton for this?

good stuff. I'm adding it to my website right now.


Thank you very much, excellent game!


Hi I list the free indie games on my twitter, so I made a tweet on lager than light, if you want us to add a link to your profile that I did not find, let me know 



Thank you! We're @LtLGame on Twitter! https://twitter.com/ltlgame?lang=en


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you :D

-The story despite of being short is well packed and told through the gameplay and the characters and their dialogues.

-The visual style fits the game and makes the game feel cohesive.

-The gameplay mechanics are well chosen and they totally fit the game making it feel solid and well thought as they get combined really well with the rest of the elements on the game.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



I really like your game been a lot of these types of games made lately where you control a character and the shadow.

But you changed it up a notch it's so easy to just copy and paste an idea but so much harder to take an idea and make it better which you have undeniably done.

Well done.

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good arcade